About Me

I am one of the founders and VP Engineering of an internet startup, hunch.com, in NYC. Previously, I was one of the founders of SiteAdvisor, a Boston web-security startup that was bought by McAfee in 2006. Before that, I was one of the founders of Vividon, a video streaming company.

Before my startup adventures, I was a computer science student at MIT working for Frans Kaashoek in the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group at the Lab for Computer Science. Projects I worked on included the exokernel operating system, storage virtualization and early work on adding client side scripting into web pages.

You can contact me via twitter.com/pinckny or pinckney at alum.mit.edu. You can also ask me technical questions about Hunch on Formspring.

The authoritative DNS server for this site is the Python Modular DNS Server. This is a side-project I’m sporadically working on to make it easy to build DNS-based applications such as load-balancers or content routing applications.

I’m now also building my personal web sites using YAAPS (yet another app server). It’s a minimal Python WSGI app framework designed to do the tedious things that every app needs without getting in your way.